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LSN Unicef Stories 2001

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United Nations International Children's Fund

Lifesite Reports - 2001

Note: many of the source links within the stories may now be outdated since few mainstream news services maintain long-term Internet archives

* UN, Kofi Annan win Nobel Peace Prize - Interim Brief Nov. 2001
* UNICEF Halloween Box Donations Used to Fund Pro-Abortion Activism Oct. 24/01
* Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to United Nations and Kofi Annan Oct. 15/01
* The UN Quietly Wages War on Religion - Special Report Aug. 20/01
* Focus On The Family Calls UN Child Convention "a danger" June 7/01
* Canada Tips its Hand on Abortion at UN - Interim June 2001
* Pro-Life Diplomat Appointed to State Department by Bush May 25/01
* UNICEF'S Up-Coming Anti-Family Children's Rights Vote April 2/01
* Extreme Bias at United Nations Receives Media Attention Jan. 4/01

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