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United Nations International Children's Fund

Lifesite Reports - 2002

Note: many of the source links within the stories may now be outdated since few mainstream news services maintain long-term Internet archives

* UNICEF Renews Misguided Child-Politics Agenda Dec. 12/02
* UNICEF in Comeback Attempt in Toronto Catholic Schools Dec. 4/02
* Germany Donates to UNICEF-Run Abortion Program Dec. 2002
* UN Figures Show Movement of Funds Away from Population Control to Food Aid Nov. 6/02
* Why McDonald's is Dancing with a Population Control "Devil" UNICEF Nov. 5/02
* UNICEF's Other Agendas - Special Report Oct. 30/02
* Phony 'Catholic' Pro-Abortion Groups Support UNICEF Halloween Drive Oct. 30/02
* UNICEF Halloween Box Donations Used to Fund Pro-Abortion Activism Oct. 24/02
* UNICEF Spokesman Mia Farrow Keynotes Planned Parenthood Fundraiser Oct. 17/02
* A Pro-Life Halloween UNICEF Strategy Oct. 11/02
* "Without The Family There Can Be No Future" Says Cardinal July 9/02
* Horrific Forced Abortion And Infanticide In North Korean Prisons June 10/02
* Anti-American Radicals at UN Child Summit had Ulterior Motive May 17/02
* UNICEF Child Sex Manual Distributed at UN Summit May 13/02
* UNICEF Funds Anti-Life Group that Targets Children - Interim Feb. 2002
* UNICEF Funds Group Promoting Abortion/Porn For Children Jan 14/02

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