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United Nations International Children's Fund

Lifesite Reports - 2003

Note: many of the source links within the stories may now be outdated since few mainstream news services maintain long-term Internet archives

* Growing Number of Groups Warn Against UNICEF Box Support on Halloween Oct. 30/03
* New Report Details UNICEF Support for Abortion, Radical Politics Aug. 20/03
* Top UNICEF Official Calls for Legalized and Unionized Prostitution June 5/03
* School Board Shuffles on Abortion - The Interim June 2003
* Toronto Catholic Board Switches Aid to Women’s Fundraising from Halloween to Pro-Life Week - Special Report May 8/03
* Pro-Abortion Groups Pressure Toronto Catholic Board to Rescind Ban on UNICEF Boxes May 6/03
* Vatican Lexicon of U.N. Terminology on Life and Family Stirs Controversy April 25/03

updated 09.02.04

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