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Pro-abortion Stephen Lewis appointed UNICEF director

The newly-appointed executive director for external relations of UNICEF is Stephen Lewis, former Canadian Ambassador to the UN and no friend of unborn children.

Prior to the passage of the Omnibus Bill in 1969, which legalized abortion in Canada, Lewis was an outspoken abortion promoter. As Ontario leader of the socialist New Democratic Party he influenced the party to a hard line on abortion, stifling all pro-life protest. And, in case you've forgotten, Mrs. Stephen Lewis is Michele Landsberg, an extremely outspoken advocate of abortion and radical feminism and venomous opponent of the pro-life movement.

In her booklet, UNICEF: Guilty as charged, Miss Winifride Prestwich reports that UNICEF (the United Nations Children's Fund) is financed by voluntary contributions from governments and from the public. Canada's contribution in 1992-93 was $21 million.

In its annual reports, the State of the World's Children 1991, and 1992, UNICEF stressed that its goal is family planning and services for all by the year 2000.

It is a mistake to think of UNICEF as a charity, like Easter Seals or Operation Eyesight, which are run by people with a personal interest in the cause. By contrast, UNICEF is an international governmental organization controlled by an Executive Board of UN representatives from 41 nations, all with their own agendas.

With the knowledge we have gained from the International conferences and the machinations of those steering the UN, the Lewis appointment did not come as a surprise.

It fits the anti-family history of UNICEF.

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