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Toronto Catholic school board nixes support for UNICEF

UNICEF, of course, is another international body caught up in the abortion holocaust. Readers will recall that the Vatican announced last fall that it would suspend its annual symbolic donation to UNICEF, because of the agency's connection to abortion and contraception advocacy in developing countries. The decision reflects the reality that "earmarking" donations to specific UNICEF projects is no longer sufficient to ensure freedom from complicity in unethical practices.

We're happy to report that, in light of the Vatican's decision, trustees on Toronto's Metropolitan Separate School Board voted February 27 to suspend support for UNICEF through the annual Halloween "UNICEF box" fundraiser. Trustee Doreen Hare, who proposed the new policy, and all the trustees are to be congratulated for their courageous move, which sets a good example for other Catholic school boards and institutions.

UNICEF is feeling the heat, and it might just make them clean up their act! We're not holding our breath, however. Interviewed on CFRB radio (Toronto) in the wake of the MSSB decision, UNICEF Canada spokeswoman Jacqueline Bradshaw dismissed concerns about the agency's connection to anti-child practices, and downplayed the significance of the growing movement to hold the UN agency accountable.

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