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UNICEF Appoints Pro-Abortion U.S. Senator As Its New Director

Patrick Ryan
The Interim May 1995

The controversy surrounding the United Nation's Children's Fund has deepened with the appointment of a longtime pro-abortion advocate as its new director.

Carol Bellamy, a state senator from New York has been named the new director of UNICEF despite heated criticisms from pro-family circles.

The U.S. Catholic newspaper The Wanderer reports that Cong. Chris Smith (R. NJ.), chairman of the the House Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights, criticized UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali for the appointment.

"Carol Bellamy is a highly inappropriate choice to run an agency that is supposed to promote the health and welfare of children throughout the world," commented Smith.

"We have been concerned that UNICEF is under pressure to change its mission focus and become an advocate for the population control agenda," he said, noting that Bellamy's pro-abortion record seems to affirm suspicions that the organization will now devote more of its efforts to population control and abortion.

The article went on to point to Bellamy's voting record which, by most standards, is atrocious. In 1974, as a state senator in New York, Bellamy voted against a measure which stated that if a fetus survived an attempted abortion and was born alive, then the child should be given the same care as other premature infants.

Moreover, she also voted no to a measure which required a second physician to be present at late-term abortions so that if the baby was born alive, a doctor would be ready to aid in the child's survival.

Smith, who is a constant opponent of President Bill Clinton and UN-inspired population control measures will be one of the many high-profile speakers attending the national pro-life conference in London, Ontario in June.

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