Citizen Journalism – Activism – Prayer

Join LifeSite League members around the world in making an impact on the culture for Christ.

Report on important events in your area as a citizen journalist, organize like-minded activists more effectively, and build a spirit of prayer so that all our work is based on Jesus Christ.

Pillar 1: Citizen Journalism

Our members are pitching stories and reporting on events from around the world.

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Send important news tips to LifeSite via this form. Tips must be accurate and thorough yet as concise as possible. Due to the extremely high volume of emails we receive every day, we cannot respond to every news tip that we receive through this form. Any files submitted do not imply any publishing or usage of said content, and will be subject to our journalistic standards for accuracy and veracity. You represent that you have the rights to submit any uploaded files to us.

Pillar 2: Activism

Activists around the world are joining LifeSite League – check out just a few of the events we’re promoting, and submit your event too.

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Pillar 3: Prayer

Members are often called upon to pray for special intentions, while LifeSiteNews staff also pray for members’ intentions every day. Please sign our latest prayer pledge below, or submit a prayer request of your own.

Prayer List.

Please pray for peace in the Middle East.

Please pray for the conversion of Pope Francis.

Please pray for the future of Bishop Strickland.

Please pray for the protection of the Catholic Church.

Please pray for the defeat of the heresy of modernism.

Please pray for the salvation of souls.

Prayer for Bishop Strickland

16927 people are praying for Bishop Strickland.

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