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Father Shenan Boquet: Catholic leaders must reorient the world to God’s plan for sex, life, family

Father Shenan Boquet, president of Human Life International, speaks at the May 2015 Rome Life Forum about Catholic leadership distorting the truth of the Gospel.

"It's no longer ambiguous" he said. “Things which are the opposite of the truth of Catholic teaching are being said by Church leaders.” Father Boquet said that the truth of the faith is something given by God and entrusted to his shepherds so that they can hand-on it on unchanged to the people of God.

 “We are called to lead people to the fullness of truth that is revealed to us in Jesus Christ, that is entrusted to the Church, entrusted to our shepherds. That truth is not created, but given.”

But the truth of God’s plan is being ignored and even blatantly distorted  by many spiritual leaders today, he said. Catholic leaders are “actually saying the opposite of what our Lord has revealed.”

Father Boquet said that Catholic leadership must return to God's plan for sex, marriage, and family if humans are to flourish. “The responsibility of the Church, and all of us in this room, is to reorient the world to that plan."

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