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WATCH: Highlights of Alberta NDP gvmt’s attempt to sabotage parental rights motion

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Is PC leader Ric McIver a lawbreaker who can’t control his emotions, or a hero who drew a line in the sand and said, ‘enough is enough’? Watch and judge for yourself.

Mainstream media has largely misreported that an emotional interim PC Party leader Ric McIver was booted from the Alberta Legislature on Monday for unruly behavior. 

But what they failed to mention is that McIver was making a principled stand — in a rather unusual way — against what appeared to him to be outright injustice, lies, and corruption coming from the NDP on the crucial issue of parental rights in education choice for their children.  

Official recorded video of the day’s proceedings reveal a calm and steady McIver who was forced out of the Legislature after he challenged what appears to be a predetermined ruling on allowing an amendment to his pro-parental rights motion. The amendment would have essentially gutted and even reversed the original intent of the motion. 

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