By John Connolly

MEXICO CITY, Mexico, April 7, 2008 ( – Jorge Serrano Limón, president of the Mexican National Pro-Life (Provida) Committee, told the local press on April 4 that he had information proving the recent deaths of eight women due to legal abortions, according to a report by Spero News.

“We have the information, dates, and hospitals where they died; the authorities will only recognize the underage girl who died in Balbuena Hospital,” said Limón.

The girl Limón referred to was 15-year-old Vianney “N,” who died in Balbuena Hospital from a hemorrhage incurred when her baby was being sucked out of her by the aspiration method of abortion. The abortion was a legal abortion, but several violations of the health codes and negligence by physicians led to her death.

According to Serrano Limón, his organization has saved 3,100 children from abortion since May of last year. He reports the latest statistics every three months to the bishops. He also commented that the bishops were “indignant” over the total number of abortions that had occurred in less than one year, according to El Economista.

  According to Provida, 6,400 abortions have been performed in Mexico since abortion’s legalization in the Federal District in April 2007. 22 women have been injured and 8 have died as a result of abortion treatments since then.

Provida is among a group of organizations that requested that the Mexican Supreme Court hold public hearings on the legalization of abortion, a measure the Mexican Supreme Court has agreed to. Serrano Limón says that he will give “scientific evidence” to the justices to show that life begins from the moment of fertilization, according to the Mexican publication El Economista.

“We are confident that the associate justice ministers will adhere to the Constitution, and we beg and call upon them to not make any pronouncements that are ideological or partisan, and that they understand that life is the most important right,” said Limón.

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