PORTLAND, Ore., Feb 3 ( – A federal jury awarded Planned Parenthood, the Portland Feminist Women’s Health Center and five abortionists $107 million to be paid by the producers of “The Nuremberg Files,” after finding that a web site and mock “wanted” posters amount to threats.

The controversial web site provides names, actions, addresses and other information on abortionists and others associated with the abortion industry. The Nuremberg Files denied the allegations and was appealing to the right of free speech in its defence. It lost in a ruling that many American constitutional experts say contravenes constitutional protections for free speech.

Despite their loss, defendants expressed little concern over the ruling, noting that they had transferred their assets, thus rendering themselves “judgement proof.” The US group Operation Rescue West responded to the court’s decision with a promise to continue to proclaim “the truth about abortion regardless of the Portland Federal Court’s decision to redefine free speech.” “Abortion is murder, abortionists are murderers, clinic workers are accessories to murder and those that condone this type of crime are accessories after the fact. It is a crime against humanity. If these words are now considered threats, then I’ll see you in court,” said Troy Newman the Regional Coordinator of Operation Rescue West.

(with files from Pro-Life E-news)