CHICAGO, Feb 11 (  The $107 million lawsuit against abortion opponents in the US had very little to do with the controversial “Nuremberg Files” web site despite the apparent association made by leading media outlets in Canada and the U.S. In an interview with LifeSite, US Pro-Life Action League leader Joe Scheidler explained that Neal Horsley, the creator of the “Nuremberg Files” was not even a defendant in the lawsuit.  Scheidler told LifeSite that the web site only came into the court case two and a half years after Planned Parenthood and the other abortionists had commenced the suit. The suit was over simple requests by pro-lifers several years ago for information on abortionists suspected of malpractice. 

Malpractice by abortionists sometimes leads to the death of the aborted woman as last year’s high profile case involving Arizona abortionist John Biskind demonstrates. Louisiana Governor Mike Foster recently issued a public health and safety emergency, after a Baton Rouge TV station released pictures showing rusted surgical tools and blood encrusted instruments. There was an abortion-related death in Louisiana recently.

Critics say it is astonishing that mainstream media outlets so often seem willing to act as the propaganda arm of the abortion movement – even when doing so jeopardizes the health and safety of women.