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FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany, March 11, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — At least 11 nursing home residents in the German district of Bodenseekreis near died earlier this year, allegedly due to coronavirus, just weeks after receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

The elderly residents, some of the first Germans to be given the experimental jabs when they initially rolled out last December, passed away by late January, according to the German newspaper Südkurier.

Around 40 residents at the Bodenseekreis nursing home in south Germany received coronavirus shots on December 31, the newspaper reported. Nevertheless, 11 of them died either “with or from COVID-19” over the next four weeks, as did two residents who were not vaccinated.

“The authorities say they were probably infected with the virus undetected at the time of the vaccination or the infection took place shortly afterwards,” Südkurier related. All of the residents had repeatedly tested negative for the virus ahead of vaccination.

Residents began to show COVID-19 symptoms three days following vaccination, a spokesperson for Korian, the health care provider that oversees the nursing home, said. Korian added that PCR tests “confirmed the results.”

“It must be taken into account that the full vaccination protection only builds up a few days after the second vaccination and an infection with the COVID-19 virus is unfortunately still possible in the meantime,” a statement from the nursing home reads.

German medical expert Dr. Gunter Frank condemned the vaccination of the nursing home residents, calling the deaths “not surprising.” “Vaccination campaigns are apparently often carried out in nursing homes” with little consideration as to whether an elderly resident’s “weakened immune system has already had enough,” he said.

Germany previously had probed 10 nursing home deaths that occurred after administration of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, prompting some Chinese health authorities to call for a halt of the jab’s use. Last month, an unidentified whistleblower said that 25% of residents in a Berlin nursing home died soon after COVID-19 vaccinations, as well.

More than 1,600 total deaths following coronavirus vaccination have been reported to the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention as of March 8, according to the agency. The numbers are likely an undercount.

Major COVID-19 jabs currently in use, nearly all of which have been tested on or produced with aborted babies’ cells, have been linked to serious effects, including autoimmune reactions, blood disorders, and pregnancy complications, like miscarriage.

Experts particularly have flagged the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for enhanced side effect risks, citing their reliance on highly novel mRNA vaccine technology.

The COVID-19 vaccines also do not purport to grant full immunity against coronavirus, even after multiple doses. At least one U.S. congressman tested positive for COVID-19 in January despite getting both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Hall of Fame college basketball coach Rick Pitino similarly caught the virus after receiving two COVID-19 vaccine doses.

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