By Tim Waggoner

OTTAWA, ON, July 16, 2008 ( – It has been two weeks since the controversial Canada Day announcement that declared Dr. Henry Morgentaler a member of the Order of Canada, yet the outcry from enraged Canadians has not softened as three more Canadian bishops, representing tens of thousands of Catholics, are publicly protesting the decision.

“It makes one think that from now on Canadians will be celebrating the ‘Disorder’ of Canada rather than the Order of Canada,” said Bishop Vernon Fougere of Charlottetown.

In a letter read to parishes in his diocese, the bishop said that Morgentaler’s official citation, which describes the abortionist as a hero for improving “health care options” and “influencing Canadian public policy,” does not hide the truth that “Dr. Morgentaler is a person who makes a living killing pre-born children – including females – and is not one who desires a better country.”

“What a sad way to honour Canada’s birthday: to honour a person who is referred to as Canada’s Father of Abortion… and who is responsible for the current Canadian legal situation of no law restricting or regulating abortion,” he added.

Bishop Fougere, who called the decision the “shock of the century,” said it “belittles” the Order of Canada and those who have received it in the past

He concluded by saying, “In your prayer, ask yourself the question: have we reached such a stage of moral and ethical bankruptcy?”

The Archbishop of Kingston, Most Reverend Brendan M. O’Brien, said the appointment of Morgentaler to the Order of Canada is one that is “incomprehensible to many Canadians who do not see achievement but, rather, loss and destruction.”

The archbishop focused his carefully chosen words on the inherent right to life of the unborn.

“We must continue to witness to the value of human life at all stages and not have it glossed over or trivialized, as this award to Dr. Morgentaler would have us do,” said Archbishop O’Brien.

“May those who face difficulties which may lead them to choose abortion be helped to choose life, and may those who have experienced abortion find love and forgiveness,” he finished.

Bishop Albert LeGatt of Saskatoon wrote a letter to the faithful in his diocese affirming the right to life for all, from conception to natural death, and said, “In light of this belief, the awarding of the Order of Canada to Dr. Henry Morgentaler is deeply dismaying to all those Canadians who uphold this belief.”

The bishop then listed six ways that concerned Canadian’s can respond to the controversial appointment, including prayer, increased awareness of life-related issues and by protesting the decision to those responsible for it.

The list of individual bishops known to have publicly criticized the Morgentaler appointment:

Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto
  Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa
  Bishop James Wingle of St. Catharines
  Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary
  Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton
  Bishop Ronald Fabbro of London
  Bishop Nicola De Angelis of Peterborough
  Archbishop Raymond Roussin of Vancouver
  Bishop Valéry Vienneau of Bathurst
  Bishop Vernon Fougere of Charlottetown
  Archbishop Brendan M. O’Brien of Kingston
  Bishop Albert LeGatt of Saskatoon

There are 88 Catholic bishops in Canada. See the complete list at,com_wrapper/Itemid,…

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