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WINNIPEG, July 14, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – A Manitoba MP is calling for an investigation into why abortionists here did not notify police while twice performing abortions on a girl by the time she turned 13, that might have prevented her subsequent, repeated rape by her stepfather.

Joy Smith, the Conservative MP for St. Paul-Kildonan, told LifeSiteNews that staff at the abortion clinic or hospital where the abortions on the unnamed girl’s unborn children were performed “absolutely ought to be investigated. They are jointly responsible for whatever happened to her after the first abortion.”

Mary Ellen Douglas of Campaign Life Coalition agreed that “there should be an investigation on why they didn’t report the girl to social services, as required by law when a minor is believed to be at risk of sexual assault.”

“These are children. They are not protected before birth and they are not protected after. If this girl had been referred to child protection services her unborn children might have been saved and the assaults stopped,” said Douglas.

U.S. investigators told LifeSiteNews that abortion clinic staff routinely help predators secure abortions for their underaged victims by providing abortions without reporting obviously suspicious circumstances of coerced sex. “They do it for both financial and political motives. It is a huge cover-up by abortion providers,” Mark Crutcher of Texas-based Life Dynamics said.

The girl was freed from her stepfather’s custody only after he broke into the suite occupied by her stepdaughter’s 13-year-old friend two years ago and assaulted the friend and her mother with a crowbar to persuade them to provide sexual intercourse. He was arrested and was convicted last month on multiple charges. In August he will be sentenced.

A doctor at one of the city’s two abortuaries, Carol Scurfield, denied her Women’s Health Clinic had performed either abortion. But she told CBC that her staff would have been suspicious, even though the girl had insisted her boyfriend had impregnated her, as she was instructed to do by her stepfather. “In any case, if a 12-year-old is pregnant, it raises red flags that a health-care provider should be addressing, whether or not there is a child protection issue is one of those,” Scurfield said.

Health personnel and social workers are required to report to police whenever they believe a minor is at risk.  Karen Busby, a University of Manitoba law professor and a director of the university's Centre for Human Rights Research, told reporters that a 12-year-old girl getting an abortion ought to have raised red flags, whatever her story.  If the girl is under 16, “technically speaking, an offence has occurred.”

Pro-life volunteers who mount vigils outside abortion clinics regularly express concern that abortion workers, because of their ideological commitment to a “woman’s right to choose” are reluctant to report cases of suspected, coerced sex.

Crutcher told LifeSiteNews his organization ran a “sting” operation over a decade ago that saw an actress phone 906 independent and Planned Parenthood abortion clinics over a three-month period posing as a 13-year-old. “She told them she was in a relationship with a 24-year-old man and asked would the clinic keep it a secret from her parents by not reporting it.”

According to Crutcher, not only did 91 percent of the clinic staff say they would keep it a secret, they advised the “girl” on how to lie to staff when she came to the clinic to protect them from presecution for failing to report.

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“Some jurisdictions have ‘Romeo and Juliet’ provisions so that sexual assault charges do not apply when the minor sexual partners are only three-years apart in age,” said Crutcher. “But it is not the job of health personnel to make that judgment. They have to call the proper authorities and let them decide.”

Crutcher said young girls often are forced into sex by a stepfather or older family members and then forced, when they become pregnant, to lie about who their sex partner was. “If staff at an abortion clinic or hospital in Winnipeg did not report this girl the first time she turned up pregnant, then they are responsible for everything that happened to her after that.”

Crutcher told LifeSiteNews his organization has investigated dozens of criminal prosecutions of child predators whose victims were forced to get abortions. “Our investigation uncovered irrefutable evidence that both Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation [a trade organization for abortion facilities]—often operating on taxpayer dollars—knowingly conceal these crimes while aiding and abetting the sexual predators who commit them.”

Crutcher said that not only did the cover up keep the fees for service rolling in for the abortion industry, but also flowed from the “political” commitment of staff to the belief that “no matter how young she is, a girl has the right to an abortion.”

MP Joy Smith, who campaigns staunchly against sex-trafficking via her Joy Smith Foundation, says the idea of 12-year-olds having a “right to choose” flies in the face of the coercion children that age are subjected to both from family predators and traffickers. “Health workers need to be trained to know the signs that this is going on.”