Fundraising for a non-profit is hard work, especially when that non-profit happens to be one of the most “controversial” and “non-politically correct” going.

I would know, I tackle those duties every working day for LSN – and sometimes on weekends too.

While doing “the thinker” this past weekend, pondering the question of how to raise $40,000 by week's end, I came up with a truly grassroots approach to meeting our needs – one that can only succeed with your help.

It was that letter we published on Friday, detailing to you the incredible amount of effort and resources that go into publishing each day, that inspired my idea.

But before I explain my proposal in detail, I want to mention how that letter also inspired a rush of donations and positive reader feedback.
The letter, A Day in the Life of LifeSiteNews, was written to give potential donors a clear idea of what their contributions pay for every day at LSN.

And let me tell you, it worked.  The volume of feedback we’ve received from our readers all attests to the fact that the letter has been a hit. Among the donations we received in the past few days was one for $2,000 and another for $4,000, both from U.S. readers.  We are truly thankful for the generosity of these benefactors, and hope that there are other readers who will seriously consider making more donations of this size or greater.

As well, we received our first batch of mail-in donations, totaling nearly $4,000 – proof that even the smallest donations add up to a lot.  All told, we are now well over halfway to reaching our campaign goal of $40,000, as we begin the second and final week of our fall campaign!

But that still means we have $14,000 to raise in just 4 days.  And this is where my proposal – and every single one of our readers – come in.

The overarching theme of “A Day in the Life of LifeSiteNews” is the fact that LSN is the result of the collective efforts of so many: staff, advisers, leaders, readers, donors and more.

While contemplating this over the weekend, the question occurred to me: why should I try to do all the fundraising myself, when this organization is the farthest thing from a solo mission, but the result of the efforts and support of so many thousands?

I am, therefore, asking YOU, right now, to join us in our fundraising efforts.

That’s right, I want you to become an LSN fundraiser.

It doesn't matter if you have donated already, are thinking about donating, or simply cannot afford it, you certainly are able to forward last Friday’s A Day in the Life of LifeSiteNews (we have updated it on the website) on to your list of contacts. You do this by clicking on Share: Email at the top or bottom of the website version of that letter.

After you’ve done that, why not take a couple minutes to follow up by speaking to at least ONE close friend or family member who you know has received the email, and share your personal experience of LSN?  You may even want to show them the donation impact page, which lists just a few of the amazing victories LSN has won for the Culture of Life.

Finally, you can ask that person to help support the mission of LSN with a donation.  Speak with your mom, dad, siblings, best friend, colleagues or anyone else who you know supports the Culture of Life.

If your efforts result in just one more donation to LSN, then you may have just doubled (or more) your own donation. And even if you have not been able to donate yourself, you will still have helped LSN’s mission. If everyone participates in this grassroots strategy, we could easily meet and perhaps exceed our goal of $40,000 by this weekend.  Don't forget we still have a long way to go to meet our 2009 annual budget, even if we achieve the current campaign goal.

This task is for everyone! Please act now by following these three steps:

  1. Forward a Day in the Life of LifeSiteNews to everybody on your contact list using Share: Email. (For those who do not have email, print out a copy of the website version for them to read.
  2. Follow up Step 1 by calling or speaking in person to at least one of the people you emailed or gave the story to and elaborate on the email and our important work.
  3. Ask them to donate to LSN to help cover the growing costs of operating this pro-life and pro-family news service.

Of course, I could start calling potential donors today, and keep calling until I’m blue in the face. But you, our readers, are the one’s who are on the ground, who live in the midst of pro-life and pro-family communities that are full of potential LSN supporters who’ve simply never been told about us. 

Acting now will probably take up less than ten minutes of your time, but your efforts could easily ensure not only that LSN continues to exist, but that it continues to grow into a formidable pro-life and pro-family media presence.

While it is never easy to ask others for donations, you can do so with a confidence founded on this key truth: if the work of LSN is in line with the will of God, then all will be provided for (provided, of course that we all do our part).

And you know what?  Our meticulous adherence to the truth, the unanimous praise we receive from so many pro-life, pro-family and faith leaders, and the tremendous victories we have won in the past, all suggest to me that LSN is indeed on the right track.

So why not become an LSN fundraiser, and do so knowing that you are helping the beacon of truth that is LSN burn brighter?

Please do not delay, act now by following the 3 simple steps above.  And if you have not yet donated, but can afford to, please send us a gift today. And we want to know how your experiences go!  Send us letters to the editor detailing your encounters as an LSN fundraiser and tell those who you encouraged to donate to mention your name in the comments box when they donate.  We love hearing the stories that demonstrate how LSN is indeed the work of so many.

If your prefer to donate by mail or telephone,Click Here (US, International) or Here (Canada)

May God bless you and your efforts,

Tim Waggoner
Fundraising Manager

P.S. See also Part I (Sept. 21) and Part II (Sept. 23) which includes some important financial information, in this series.