15-Year-Old Detroit Girl Dies from Botched Second Trimester Abortion

DETROIT, MI, March 11, 2004 ( - A 15-year-old in a Detroit suburb died January 8 as a result of a second trimester abortion.  News of the death has not been published anywhere except a minor mention on a local Fox station.

Dr. Leigh Hlavaty performed an autopsy on 15-year-old Tamia Russell on January 9.  Dr. Hlavaty told a local registered nurse and pro-life activist who contacted that the girl’s death was caused by “uterine infarction with sepsis due to status second trimester abortion.”  She ruled the death as “normal.”  The doctor explained, “I ruled it normal because these complications are expected with this type of abortion.”  The case is complicated by the fact that Russell’s boyfriend was 24 and in Michigan that constitutes statutory rape.  Moreover, the boyfriend’s sister took Russell in for the abortion without the knowledge of Russell’s parents.  Michigan law requires parental notification for abortions for minors under 18.  Tamia’s family told Fox that they did not even know their daughter was six months pregnant.  The family is outraged over the incident and are blaming the abortionist at the Woman Care Clinic in Lanthrup Village for their daughter’s death.  Michigan pro-life activist Ann Norton told that the abortionist in question is Alberto Hotari.  Local police, and the attorney general are reportedly investigating the case however phone calls to the local police department were not returned by press time.  Michigan Right to Life told they are following the case closely. called the Woman Care Clinic to ask for a comment.  After being put on hold for an excessive period of time, a woman who did not wish to be named said, “I’m sorry to tell you that because of all the privacy rules in effect, we cannot reveal any information.”

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