WINNIPEG, Manitoba August 30, 2011 ( – A young man who admitted to downloading explicit pornographic images since he was 12, has been sentenced to two years supervised probation after he was charged for possessing photos and videos of children as young as 4 being sexually abused.

Dr. Judith Reisman, a researcher on pedophilia and an expert on the insidious effects of pornography, told LSN that she is unsurprised that such a young man would be involved in child pornography. “Our government leaders allow pornography to pollute our once great nations and act surprised that we are breeding inhuman men, women and children unlike any that have existed before,” she said.

In a 2008 international sting against child pornographers Austrian police followed an IP address to a 15-year-old boy in Winnipeg, MB.

When Winnipeg police came knocking at his door, the boy readily admitted his involvement, said Crown attorney Terry McComb to Winnipeg Sun.

The police confiscated the boy’s laptop and discovered images and videos featuring girls as young as 4 being sexually abused by adults.

The boy told police that he didn’t see the children as victims “because most of them are smiling.”

The court heard that the boy’s arrest came as a shock to his father who serves in the Canadian military, reported Winnipeg Free Press.

“If this had to happen, (he) is very fortunate that it occurred at this time in his life,” said defence lawyer Saul Simmonds.

Dr. Reisman, Visiting Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law, told LSN that there is nothing “fortunate” about this case.

“This boy is one of millions, victims of the insanity that has taken over our laws, our minds, and our morals via mainstream media and those who profit from mass sexual pathologies.”

“Without a miracle this boy is marked for life as an unrepentant pedophile,” said Reisman.

The boy’s case entered the courts at the same time that Manitoba was writing legislation to make child pornography reporting mandatory for its citizens.

The 2009 amendment to the Child and Family Services Act now includes “child pornography” in the existing definition of child abuse.

During this time, Family Services Minister Gord Mackintosh said that child sexual exploitation is the most under-reported form of child abuse and the change to the legislation will help ensure that the law catches up with technology.

“Every time someone downloads photos or passes on child pornography, they are perpetuating sexual assault, molestation and rape. It’s a crime against humanity. Child pornography is a crime scene,” he said.