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(Live Action) — Attorneys general (AGs) from 17 states, all Democrats, have formed a “Reproductive Rights Working Group” dedicated to promoting abortion and attacking pregnancy resource centers (PRCs). The group also includes representatives from organizations such as the National Abortion Federation and the National Women’s Law Center.

In a press release, the group said it was open to all Democrat AGs, though only 17 attended the first meeting. The goal of the pro-abortion group is to strengthen protections for abortion, create “reproductive justice” units within AG offices, and advance shield laws – which protect abortionists in pro-abortion states from pro-life laws in other states.

“People look to Congress, they look to governors. But the attorneys general are on the front lines combating the incessant attacks on our reproductive health care,” Andrea Campbell, Massachusetts’ attorney general and chair of the new group, said in the press release. “If you don’t have an attorney general that knows what they’re doing and also cares about these issues, you’re in trouble.”

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The press release tellingly noted that “attorneys general have played a major role in shaping access to abortion in their states, and can substantially influence what kind of care is available,” using Letitia James’ battle against PRCs in New York as a glowing example.

The press release also noted that their goal is to increase anti-PRC regulations across the country. “Every office has different resources and human capital. If we come together across offices in this coalition and working group, we can make sure everyone has what we need as we take on this collective fight,” Campbell said.

PRCs have come under increasing attack by the abortion industry and its advocates, despite the many services they provide children and families across the country. This includes so-called “abortion pill reversal,” which is part of James’ motive to try to shut down PRCs. (“Abortion pill reversal” involves the administration of the natural pregnancy hormone progesterone to outcompete the anti-progesterone action of the abortion pill mifepristone.)

“Ms. James’ Notices of Intention to Sue are a transparent attempt to harass small pro-life charities into silence, targeting her political opponents because of their beliefs, in flagrant violation of the First Amendment,” Peter Breen, Thomas More Society Executive Vice President & Head of Litigation, said in a Heartbeat International press release. “We will fight back as long as it takes against Ms. James’ efforts to jeopardize the Christian and life-affirming missions of Heartbeat International, CompassCare, and all similar pro-life ministries in the State of New York.”

Reprinted with permission from Live Action.