September 15, 2011 ( – What could you say in less than a minute to make a typical “pro-choice” American do a “180” on abortion?

A free pro-life documentary film set for release Sept 26 is challenging viewers with that question, as its creators are giving a sneak peek at extraordinary conversations with young people captured on video as they’re asked to reconsider their position on abortion.

Armed with nothing but a microphone and a Kiwi accent, New Zealand-born pro-life Christian minister Ray Comfort is heard in the trailer for “180” asking youth about their position on abortion – before the tape zips a few seconds later as the interviewees say they’ve changed their mind. “When you put it that way, yeah, it does change your mind,” says one young man.

Comfort said the idea for the short flick – what the previews advertise as “33 minutes that will rock your world” – came about after an “accident.”

“I interviewed a very colorful university student on-camera, and gave him a scenario about taking the life of Jews—at the gunpoint of a Nazi.  He immediately said that he would never kill someone, so I then said, ‘How do you feel about abortion?’ He changed his attitude completely and said that he was for it,” Comfort told

After Comfort compared the Nazi holocaust with abortion, he says the two “crossed swords for about five minutes” before the student stormed off. Thinking he had taped the encounter, he said he realized to his dismay his camera had accidentally been switched off.

“I was heart-broken, but determined to put more people into that same scenario,” he said. “So the next time I did so, I went one step further and asked ‘the’ question, and was amazed at how people did a complete 180. They changed from being adamantly pro-abortion, to being pro-life, in seconds.”

Comfort said that “the” question could be used to help any pro-lifer talk about abortion, and said a study guide related to the documentary is forthcoming.

More trailers and information are available on the 180 website.