OTTAWA, May 17 ( – Conservative estimates indicate that about 2,300 people from across Canada participated in the March for Life in Ottawa last Friday, May 14, remembering the over 2 million babies killed by abortion since 1969 in Canada. The event commenced Thursday with a press conference and luncheon with many pro-life MP’s and Senators and then a picket at the headquarters of the Canadian Medical Association. It ended Friday with a march from the Supreme Court to Parliament Hill where pro-life and religious leaders and Members of Parliament spoke to the assembled crowd.

Chris Murawsky of Campaign Life Coalition Ottawa told LifeSite that the march was held up by police, who had to call in extra officers to escort the group. Murawsky recalled the officer saying there were “way more people than we expected.”

Speakers on Parliament Hill included MP Tom Wappel, MP Jason Kenney, MP Maurice Vellacott,  Linda Gibbons, Jim Hughes (Campaign life Coalition), Fr. Jim Whalen (Priests for Life), Rev.  Ken Campbell, Jakki Jeffs (Alliance for Life Ontario), Theresa Bell (Human life International)  and Sister Lucille Durocher (St. Joseph’s Workers), Rabbi R. Bulka, Bishop Robert Mercer,  Anglican-Catholic Bishop of Canada and an Dr. Gamal Manna Ali Solaiman, Imam of the Ottawa Mosque.