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(LifeSiteNews) – This is LAST CALL DAY for our Spring fundraiser. There will be no further requests for donations after today. Also, for this campaign, we decided to send fewer special Campaign emails than usual.

Just so you know, at the moment we are still very short of what is needed. Can you give a donation of even $10 or more? Any amount, no matter how small or large is always needed and appreciated.

If you rely on LifeSite as your main source of news, I hope you will keep the financial needs of this news mission in mind and chip in a gift of whatever you can to help us reach our goal of $650,000.

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The Russia/Ukraine war, extreme government overreach brought on by COVID-19, and uncertainty of the economy in many countries due to oil and other prices skyrocketing, are causing all of us to be more cautious about our spending – I get it. Donating to LifeSite’s truth mission may not be a high priority in your budgeting at this time.

But, I suggest having a reliable, honest news service to turn to for understanding these huge developments is crucial – often even life-saving.

Steve Jalsevac told me how his mother’s entire large family in Holland gathered around their radio every day for news just days after the war and the Nazi occupation ended. They said they would not have known what was happening and what their options then were without the radios that many Dutch families secretly had during, and not secretly right after the war.

It so impacted Steve’s mother that for much of the rest of her life she was consumed with trying to establish a radio station in Canada, where she moved to as a war bride, because she saw that Canadians were not being well-served at all by the Canadian media.

Even more today, we know we can’t rely on any of the legacy media who are almost all controlled by those who have significant responsibility for much that we are now enduring.

Amidst the heightened attacks on life, family and freedom – we cannot afford not to provide an outlet for truthful news.

As an avid reader, you know that we provide something that no one else does. We are the only international news service tackling all of the issues related to life, family, faith and culture. We are battling the culture on every front and addressing each issue.

We have more to report than ever before. Now is the time for readers like you to commit, to whatever degree is possible for your circumstances, to helping us ensure that we can at least maintain our current, necessary level of operations.

A donation today will:

  • Ensure you continue to get news from a source you can trust.
  • Fight back against Big Tech’s now intensified efforts to silence truth.
  • Receive live news coverage on breaking stories.
  • Defeat the lies of the mainstream media.
  • Get the “big picture” perspective on life, faith, family, and freedom issues.

As you consider whether you will give to our Spring campaign, imagine the world without a news service that gives voice to the pro-life and pro-family, pro-freedom values you believe in. Worse yet, imagine having to rely solely on the mainstream media for your news.

This campaign is really struggling, and we are still very far off from reaching our goal. Please consider a gift of $10, $35, $50, $100, or even $250 or more at this late hour to help ensure our mission can provide truthful news to you and your family, and we will not have to dramatically cut back our services to you. Click here to donate:

Some of you may have the financial resources to make up for those who are currently not able to donate. Many past campaign goals have been reached, especially thanks to such extra generous donations.

You have the power to defend traditional values, defend preborn lives, defend the real meaning of family, and to preserve a culture of truth for your children and grandchildren with a gift today.

Your generosity today will ensure that you continue to have access to crucial articles that you would never have otherwise seen.

As this is the last call for donations for our Spring fundraising campaign, I hope you will join us in our mission to be the go-to news source for life, family and freedom news.

Campaign donations can of course still be made after today which often does happen after campaigns end, but today will be the last day we will be making donation appeals.

May God bless you,