ON THE TUBE, Mar 10 (  Monday night, ABC’s 20/20 program detailed the horrors that go on behind the scenes in abortuaries. Using 911 tapes of the abortion-caused death of 33-year-old Lou Anne Herron who bled to death after having a late-term abortion, the show offered a rare glimpse inside the deadly industry.

Incredibly, the show tried to blame the barbarous practices in the abortion industry on pro-  lifers.  An initial commentary on the events at the abortuary said that “Because of the turmoil and threat of violence, the number of doctors in America willing to perform an abortion is declining…Has this affected the quality of care for women seeking one?” The shocking revelations about the gruesome procedures in the mills are nothing new to pro-lifers who have known that this has been the ever-present reality of the abortion industry since its inception.

The show’s hosts further claimed that “Abortion is considered to be a safe medical procedure.  Patient deaths are rare. On average, one death is reported out of 150,000 abortions.”

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