NEW YORK, Sept 13 ( – Hugh Downs, co-anchor of ABCNEWS’ 20/20 and one of the most familiar figures in the history of broadcasting, wrote an article Friday expressing his pro-abortion views. Suggesting he was in the middle on the abortion question, Down’s wrote “‘I’m with you’ – in the pro-life camp to the extent that I believe a fertilized ovum is a human being and in the pro-choice camp in my firm belief that the choice should always be with the woman who finds herself pregnant.”

Such a view, however, could be seen as more extreme than the average pro-abort stance since,  by admitting that a human being exists from conception, he is essentially admitting that abortion – which he supports – is infanticide. Downs has realized as have many pro-aborts of late, that the culture of death has lost the battle on the grounds of science since modern medicine has proven beyond doubt that human life begins at fertilization. Conceding to this fact and remaining pro-“choice” is the only position left for proponents of abortion. “It’s a cop-out in my opinion to set a time in a pregnancy before which the fetus is not a human being,” says Downs.