TAIPEI, Taiwan, December 2, 2013 ( – About 200,000 people marched in front of Taiwan’s Presidential Office on Saturday, according to organizers or the march. The crowd was protesting a proposed law that would allow same-sex couples to ‘marry’ and adopt 

“God created human beings as male and female. Only the union of a man and a woman can create the next generation, and the ability to create offspring is an important function of a family,” said 40-year-old Ann Huang, who joined the rally with her friends, reported Focus Taiwan

The protesters, consisting mainly of families with their children, held signs that read “Made by Daddy and Mommy”, “Defend Marriage”, and “Oppose Amendment to Civil Code Article 972”, the current law which holds that marriage is between a man and woman.  


The event was organized by The Coalition for the Happiness of Our Next Generation.  

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“We worry that this alternative family formation idea will confuse children's concepts on education and sexual identity,” said Yu Yen-hung, one of the founders of the organization, to The China Post. “Therefore, we decided to stand up and fight against this bill that will affect the next generation.” 

The organization said that any changes to marriage should come from the people by way of a referendum.  

But the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights, the group responsible for proposing the same-sex ‘marriage’ amendment in October, says that it does not want the amendment to be put to a referendum since the current law involves the “restriction and denial of basic rights for minorities”. 

President of the Control Yuan party, Wang Chien-shien, marched with the protesters, saying that while he has  “respect and support all homosexual people,” he fears that amending the marriage laws will “affect the healthy marriage system and healthy families, which are the foundations of a stable country,” reported The China Post.  

The ruling Kuomintang party (KMT) urged in a Nov. 29 press conference for a postponement in the review of the amendment. 

“The KMT do not oppose gays or lesbians and we want to treat them legally and protect their human rights as well. But we need to be more careful when it comes to our traditional virtues that concern our families,” said KMT spokesperson Lin Te-fu, reported Want China Times.

Taiwan is the latest in a series of nations and states targeted by gay activists for radical social change despite massive public opposition.  

Most recently the Hawaiian legislature rammed through a bill redefining marriage despite an estimated 10,000 people — one of the largest crowds recorded in state politics — sending a clear message of opposition days before at a rally at the capital of Oahu. 

“Rarely has such a huge public opposition to a bill been so blatantly ignored by politicians,” stated Brian Camenker, President of the pro-family group MassResistance, in reference to the Hawaii situation. “It certainly took enormous arrogance for the politicians to ignore these people.” 

In April the French National Assembly — with the backing of President François Hollande’s Socialists —voted to legalize same-sex marriage despite numerous protests by hundreds of thousands of citizens. In January the government ignored an estimated one million people demonstrating in Paris against the proposed measures.  

The U.K. passed its gay ‘marriage’ law in July under David Cameron’s Conservative Party. The bill was pushed through despite well over half-a-million petitioners opposing the move and despite dissent over the matter in Cameron own party, what critics called the “biggest Tory rebellion in modern times”.  

A similar story of government pushing same-sex marriage despite massive resistance by the people can be found in ScotlandTasmaniaNew Zealand, and Estonia