August 8, 2012 ( – A new movie due out for wide release this month is being advertised as a hard-hitting exposé of Barack Obama and his policy goals – and is already making waves in the countdown to November 2012.

2016, by famed conservative journalist Dinesh D’Souza together with Schindler’s List producer Gerald Molen, looks at both President Obama’s ideological roots from his childhood and youth, as well as his plan for America based on those underpinnings should he win a second term.

The new flick gave a hint of how it might resonate with audiences when it packed the single Texas theater that displayed a preview last month, grossing $32,000 in its opening weekend as moviegoers waited in lines for up to an hour and a half to meet the filmmakers, according to FOX News.


D’Souza told the Christian Post that moviegoers will learn just how much they didn’t know about the current president, and the extent of the radical anti-colonialist ideology D’Souza says is the real source of America’s staggering debt crisis. The film’s trailer pins Obama’s ideology on the legacy of his father, Barack Obama Sr., who resented the power wielded by America over the rest of the world: “Obama has a dream, a dream from his father: that the sins of colonialism be set right, and America be downsized.”

“Obama’s goal is to shrink America,” D’Souza told the Christian Post.  “He wants to reduce America’s footprint in the world because he thinks we are stepping on the world.”

The movie is based on D’Souza’s two books, The Roots of Obama’s Rage (2010) and Obama’s America, which is due out this month. The title, he said, was chosen “because we want audiences to question what the implications are, and what the world would look like in 2016 if he is re-elected.”

The movie probes Obama’s relationships with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Chicago domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, as well as other radical leaders in his past. “It is a real mystery how he managed to convince so many Americans to vote for him, and how some of his deepest beliefs have gone unscrutinized,” said D’Souza.

Although the election is not mentioned in the film except for in its final words, the journalist said the impact and timing of the film was inspired by none other than Farenheit 9/11 director Michael Moore.

“I feel embarrassed to say that because Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ is an intellectual disaster, but nevertheless that film was about a controversial president and it was received at a time when one half of the country was for the president and one half was against him and it was dropped in the middle of an election,” he said. “So that gave me the idea to make a film under similar conditions – controversial president, one half of the country is for him, one half is against him, and drop it in the middle of this year’s debate.

“But I wanted to make and have made a very different kind of a film that is not fast with the facts and is intellectually and factually very sound. So far, no one has alleged the contrary.”

The movie, which has already opened in a handful of theaters, is due for release on over 400 screens throughout August.