OTTAWA, May 16, 2003 ( – A total of 22 pro-life Members of Parliament attended the March for Life in Ottawa on Wednesday.  In addition, 11 MPs attended the Banquet which followed the March.  In addition to short comments from the MPs, the crowd of 3,500 (60% of which was youth) was addressed by dignitaries including Bishop Jean Louis Plouffe – Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; Rev. Robert McRoberts – Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church; Dr. Jack Wilke, President of International Right To Life Federation; and Mr. Jean Migneault – Deputy Supreme Knight – Knights of Columbus, New Haven Connecticut.  Church services on May 14th included a prayer service at St. George’s Anglican Church led by Rev. Robert McRoberts, and a Mass at St. patrick’s Basilica. At the Basilica, the Mass was celebrated by Bishop Paul -André Durocher of Alexandria Diocese. There was standing room only at the Church. The Knights made an impressive display, at least thirtyof them were there in full regalia.

The March for Life also included two youth pro-life conferences on the day before and after the March which were well attended.  Also included was a candlelight vigil, attended by about 250 people.  The group processed from a nearby church to the Monument to Human Rights at which a ceremony was held.  The wind-up to the March was the Banquet at the Ottawa Congress Centre with guest speaker Dr. John Willke. The MPs in attendance each addressed those present and were enthusiastically received. Tory MP Elsie Wayne was twice given a standing ovation and a congratulatory plaque in recognition of her integrity.  In addition, Alliance MP Jason Kenney announced that he was in the process of proposing legislation similar to that in the United States’ Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

The MPs in attendance at the March included:  1. Elsie Wayne – Co-Chairman Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus 2. Maurice Vellacott – Co-Chairman 3. Paule Steckle – Co-Chairman 4. Pat O’Brien 5. James Lunney 6. Rob Merrifield 7. Reed Elley 8. David Anderson 9. Jason Kenney 10. Dan McTeague 11. Paul Szabo 12. Rose-Marie Ur 13. Monte Solberg 14. Rob Anders 15. Tom Wappel 16. Cheryl Gallant 17. Janko Peric 18. Myron Thompson 19. Norman Doyle 20. Brian Fitzpatrick Present in the crowd – but did not speak Ray Bonin Ghislain Labelle Ken Epp – unable to attend – sent a statement which was read   Members of Parliament in Attendance at the Banquet:  1. Janko Peric 2. Larry Spencer 3. David Anderson 4. Reed Elley 5. Elsie Wayne 6. Jason Kenney 7. Paul Szabo 8. Rob Merrifield 9. Norman Doyle 10. James Lunney 11. Leon Benoit   See related LifeSite coverage:  CANADIAN MARCH FOR LIFE DRAWS 3,500 – MAJORITY YOUTH – MEDIA BLACKOUT