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July 17, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – As part of a conference on the importance of receiving Holy Communion on the tongue, a young Austrian Catholic credited the Traditional Latin Mass with increasing her reverence for Holy Communion.  

“The fact that I started attending the Traditional Latin Mass, for me, it made an unbelievable difference,” Theresa Habsburg told John-Henry Westen.

The conference hosted by Voice of the Family brought together pro-life leaders and Catholic scholars to explain the need for Catholics to receive Holy Communion on the tongue. 

Habsburg is a 22-year-old Austrian Catholic who organized a group of young Catholics after the height of the coronavirus pandemic to call on Austrian bishops to bring back the Mass.  

During the conference, Habsburg joined Westen to discuss her devotion to receiving Holy Communion on the tongue. She shares that she hasn’t always received Holy Communion on the tongue, but her understanding and reverence for the Holy Eucharist has grown over time.  

She points out that the lack of access to the sacraments, especially to the Holy Eucharist, during the coronavirus lockdown helped her see the importance of receiving Holy Communion and doing so in the proper manner. 

“I kind of came to realize how integral it is that we are able to receive the Eucharist and go to Mass. I also with that, came to this very deep understanding that there is also a right way to receive Christ. Because if we do believe what we say we believe, which is quite an outrageous thing to believe if you think about it, then I feel like there's not much of a gray zone. There can't be much of a gray zone … So if we actually believe we're receiving the true body of Christ, if we actually believe that, then there is only one way to receive the body of Christ.” 

Habsburg now sees the reception of Holy Communion on the tongue as the only way to receive Holy Communion. We need to “at least try to attain (the body of Christ) with as much humility and as much grace as possible or so to receive him in a way that is as worthy as we can.”

Finally, Habsburg encourages other young Catholics to seek out a deeper understanding of Holy Communion. Specifically, Habsburg encourages young Catholics to attend the Traditional Latin Mass.

“The fact that I started attending the Traditional Latin Mass for me it made an unbelievable difference … I was very skeptical at first, but to me that made a world of difference because in today’s world everything about you,” Habsburg said. “The whole structure of the (Latin) Mass is so away from the self and towards God.” 

Habsburg encourages Catholics young and old to delve deeper into their faith and truly understand their beliefs as she knows this will help bring them to see the necessity of receiving Holy Communion only on the tongue.  

“It is a question of catechesis and understanding what you believe.”