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(LifeSiteNews) — In a recent poll conducted in Germany, 23% of participants said that they experienced “severe adverse effects” after receiving COVID-19 injections.

The poll was commissioned by German journalist Boris Reitschuster and carried out by the polling institute INSA. From November 4 to November 7, pollsters asked over 2,000 people in a representative survey if they have experienced serious adverse effects after a COVID injection.

The exact question was phrased: “Have you yourself experienced severe adverse effects after a Corona vaccination or do you know someone to whom this applies?”

Fifty percent of respondents said they have not experienced significant adverse effects after their own COVID shot or do they know anyone who has experienced significant adverse effects after a COVID injection. About a quarter (24 percent) of respondents know someone who has experienced significant adverse effects, and 16 percent have had serious adverse effects themselves. Seven percent have suffered adverse effects themselves and know someone who has done the same. Thus, 23 percent have had significant adverse effects themselves. Three percent did not know the answer or did not want to give any information.

Contrary to the alarming survey results, the official data in Germany suggests a much lower rate of severe adverse effects. A report from the Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines in Germany stated that there were 323,684 reported cases of suspected adverse reactions and vaccination complications. Around 63.5 million people were “fully vaccinated” in Germany, meaning that around 0.5 % of people reported adverse effects from the COVID injections.

However, Reitschuster said that “[c]ritical medical experts consider this figure, which is derived from the official data, to be significantly too low, and report much higher rates from their practice.” Therefore, he wanted to conduct a representative survey to see if the results would be significantly different.

Reitschuster admits that his question is not “scientific” and that the result can at best be an approximation to reality. However, even if one considers the limitations, it is still “dismaying that nearly one in four […] report having experienced ‘severe adverse effects’ after a Covid vaccination, while official data shows that only 0.5 percent of those vaccinated had ‘suspected adverse effects and vaccine complications.’”

In a similar survey in Germany that was done in January, 15 percent said they had severe adverse effects from the COVID shots.

Other recent alarming reports of adverse side effects include a German study that showed that 1 in 500 children who received the COVID shot was hospitalized and a Swiss study that claims that almost 3% of COVID jab recipients had troponin levels associated with subclinical myocarditis.

This new poll indicates that there might be significant underreporting when it comes to the adverse side of the COVID injections, as many health professionals have suspected. U.S. Centers for Disease Control researchers also acknowledged that underreporting in the VAERS system is “more likely” than overreporting and that therefore, “the actual rates of myocarditis per million doses of vaccine are likely higher than estimated.”