(LifeSiteNews) – I can hardly believe how time has flown. 25 Years of LifeSiteNews! I am honored to announce that today is the first day of LifeSite’s summer campaign, and more importantly this campaign also coincides with our 25th anniversary of providing life, family, and culture news to you and the world.

As we kick off our summer campaign with the need to raise a minimum $500,000 by the campaign’s end date of July 1, the challenges we are facing today are far greater than we ever could have imagined 25 years ago.

Today I’m asking, if you are able, to stand with us and donate today towards our news mission.

It appears that the past 25 years have been a necessary preparation for LifeSite to play its greatest ever role in what is now a great conflict between what Archbishop Viganò calls the children of Light versus the children of Darkness.

The LifeSite team is ready, but your personal help of support and prayers, is absolutely crucial for us to do this.

We really need those of you who can, to help ensure LifeSite continues its unique mission for many more years by making a generous donation today by clicking here:

Back in September 1997, as part of Canada’s national pro-life organization Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), Steve Jalsevac and I, started LifeSiteNews in response to the reality that pro-life and pro-family topics were getting terribly unfair media coverage, if any, in Canada, the US, and in many other nations.

For the first 10 years of our existence, we were a division of CLC. After that, because of how much we grew, LifeSite was incorporated as a separate news organization, first in Canada and then in the US, where a large majority of our readers now come from.

Our goal was and is to spread the pro-life message and honestly report news related to life, family and related culture issues throughout the ends of the earth. We realized this was a seemingly impossible challenge, but we also knew that by relying on the grace of God, anything was possible.

And many miracles did indeed happen throughout those years.

Lives were changed and saved with the truthful news we share with millions every day! We are proud that LifeSite is amazingly still available online for free and by daily email subscription thanks to you, our generous donors. Your prayers also protected and inspired us to persevere.

We need your help to keep moving forward; there is still so much more to do:

  • The upcoming Supreme Court decision of the Dobbs case hangs in the balance in the United States. It could overturn the infamous Roe v. Wade decision and undoubtedly affect abortion legislation and pro-life activity in other nations around the world. We have been reporting in a BIG way on all the news surrounding this case and will send a team to D.C. to capture the decision the moment it comes down. This case is especially central to the LifeSite mission.
  • In order to continue reaching people by video, and to ensure that we may report without the threat of censorship, we need to create our own video server, which would house and dispense all LifeSite videos without using a third-party platform. This is extremely costly, but it is necessary to overcome the heavy censoring we have been enduring.
  • We are very aware of the real possibility that our payment processors could imminently “cancel” LifeSite. Because of this, we have been in the process of setting up a reserve fund which would allow LifeSite to continue its unique news reporting for up to two years, if we were to be cancelled. We have been heavily preparing for this for some time now.

Take a look back with me at the last 25 years of LifeSite impact…

  • Our mission is to spread the truth. Since our inception, that has been the main focus of our time and energy.  You and the other 45 million people, an increase of 1.3M each year since 2012, from all around the world, came to our site last year to count on us for the news. We are so grateful for the trust you’ve put in us.
  • Last year alone, we published over 7,000 articles, a dramatic increase from the 3,500 articles available to our readers only five years ago. Many of the more recent articles have been mind-bogglingly significant. LifeSite has focused on not only the written word, but recently also expanded into even more on-the-ground video coverage through our LifeFunder stories and the new development of the much-anticipated LSNTV!
  • Finally, just in the last ten years, the LifeSite team has grown from 10 individuals to currently 70 very active and talented individuals in 9 different countries. By allowing our staff to grow to where we are today, your donations are producing higher quality news reporting from more places around the world on issues that mainstream media would consider unworthy of attention.

Will you help us continue into the next 25 years by becoming a donor today? I certainly understand times are tough right now, so anything you’re able to give, no matter how small or large, would be most appreciated.

Consider becoming a monthly donor by joining our Sustain Life monthly giving program. Sustainers are our most loyal group of supporters who receive behind-the-scenes updates from our team, exclusives on certain news pieces, and personal contact with our donor support team. An exciting announcement will also be unveiled to Sustainers in the near future. To become a Sustainer, please give here.

As we look back, our hearts are filled with gratitude first to God for having inspired the work that we do, and to you our readers, who have selflessly put their trust in us to continue this work. There is still much more to do.

As my dear friend, and fellow co-founder Steve Jalsevac recently said in an exclusive interview with LifeSite’s Jim Hale, “Even though we are nobodies, we can change and make an impression on the world.” That is, by humbly relying on the grace of God as we do, we have been able to accomplish great things regardless of not having the worldly status and massive funding that our opponents have.

Thank you for the past 25 years! Here’s to the next 25…