KINGS LYNN, England, March 4, 2014 ( – A grieving mother says her daughter overdosed in a “moment of madness” after her boyfriend had demanded that she abort their child.

Cassie Turton, a 26-year old restaurant manager, died on Valentine's Day after slashing her wrists and overdosing on prescribed medication. Despite suffering from Marfan Syndrome, which made pregnancy risky for her health, she wanted to be a mother, says Sandra Hammond-Grant, her mother.

Grant, who says she and her daughter were also best friends, claims Turton's boyfriend, Michael Fysh, ended his seven-month-long relationship with Turton when she refused to abort their child. Fysh has two children from a prior relationship.


Grant claims Fysh was “always out with his mates,” and didn't care about her daughter. She says Turton was “so caring towards him, always cooking for him and buying him things.” She also said her daughter felt “trapped” because “[Turton] had talked about leaving him but didn't want to kill the baby or raise it alone.”

Turton's brother says Fyst essentially said “it was either 'You kill the baby or I'm not going to be with you.'”

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According to Grant, Turton sent pictures to Fysh after she slashed her wrists. He sent the pictures to Grant, who arrived to find a neighbor helping Turton. Fysh showed up later, but Grant says he left the scene after getting into an argument.

Turton died at a hospital the day after she arrived, and a post-mortem ruled the overdose was the cause of death.

Turton's funeral took place on March 4. She would have been 27 on February 19.

Fyst has not commented to any media on Turton's death. The family says they have not heard from Fyst and are “too angry” to talk to him.

Grant also blames East of England Ambulance Service Trust for taking more than 40 minutes to arrive at Turton's home. Eventually, Turton was taken to the hospital by family members.

An inquest was opened in the death of Turton on February 24.