TORONTO, June 30, 2004 ( – It is estimated that 27 percent of homosexual and bisexual men in Ontario who have AIDS are unaware they are infected, according to a survey of active homosexual men in Ontario. The Ontario Men’s Survey was conducted by the University of Toronto and included over 5000 participants who identified themselves as “gay” or “bisexual”.  “This survey offers an unprecedented snapshot of the Ontario gay/bisexual community and an updated baseline on the HIV status, the social lives and the sexual and health behaviours of its members,” said Ted Myers, director of the HIV Social, Behavioural and Epidemiological Studies Unit.  Other key findings of the survey found 60 percent of survey participants preferred going to gay bars to seek sexual encounters; 35 percent said they used the Internet to find partners. 45 percent said they would never disclose their HIV status to a casual partner.  See the full report online (pdf format) at:   jhw