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3 Days Left! Can you donate just $5?

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We are now in the critical final few days of our spring fundraising campaign! In fact, with only 3 days remaining, we still have $86,518 or 38% left to raise to meet our absolute minimum goal. (Click here to donate)

I am incredibly grateful for the hundreds of supporters who have responded so far with donations, encouraging comments, and prayers. Reaching our minimum goal is now within reach...but only if everybody who reads this letter pitches in with what they can, even if it’s just $5 or $10!

If you support LifeSite’s mission to defend life, family, faith, and freedom, please, make a donation of whatever amount you can afford today!

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These days, I am often overwhelmed when I review the daily flood of massive news developments, and see the advances made by the enemies of faith, life and the natural family!

Our unborn brothers and sisters are being slaughtered by the millions, so many mothers and fathers have been wounded by abortion, the family and marriage are under unprecedented assault, and even within the Church itself there is growing moral chaos.

It can be easy to feel discouraged when we look at the size, power, wealth, and influence of those who oppose us.

However, LifeSite has always thought of itself as a humble, hopeful David facing our cultural Goliath. This pro-life apostolate, seemingly outgunned and outmatched, is placed entirely in the hands of Divine Providence. We seek only to do God’s will with what He provides us...and that is always enough!

But the hour is late. There is still much more we know that we are called to do! (Click here to donate)

As this battle between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death is reaching an historic climax, I truly believe LifeSite has its greatest role yet to play.

In the midst of the darkness and confusion of this age, LifeSite seeks to stand as a bright beacon of light - fearlessly proclaiming the life- and soul-saving truth of the Culture of Life to as many people as we possibly can.

We already reach tens of millions of people every year - more than I ever dreamed we would when I co-founded LifeSite with Steve Jalsevac 20 years ago. Truly, God is good!

And yet, I am more convinced than ever that LifeSite has a duty to still greatly expand our reach in order to effectively stand against the juggernaut of the Culture of Death.  

For that reason, it is my hope that we will not only reach our goal for this campaign, but exceed it, enabling us to hire much-needed additional team members and to put into effect the many ambitious plans we have to spread the Gospel of Life to all corners of the globe.

No matter what direction our culture takes, we will continue to boldly, fearlessly and unapologetically publish reports in defense of the unborn, the family, traditional morality, and freedom!

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Thank you for your support! And, don’t forget you can also donate by phone or mail. We also love to read the comments frequently sent along with their donations by readers.

And finally, please remember to keep LifeSite in your daily prayers! We heavily rely on the spiritual support of our many supporters for the seemingly humanly impossible tasks that we undertake every day.

Can you donate just $10 for PRO-LIFE?

Every person you help reach becomes equipped to engage in the culture war

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