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(LifeSiteNews) – With a mere 2 days left in our Fall Fundraising Campaign, you still have time to partner with us to not only keep this unique news service fully operational for the next 3 months, but also to support culture-changing pro-life, pro-family warriors who are standing for the truth in the public square.

Genevieve is a young girl trying to raise money to establish a permanent life, faith, and family center in Quebec where 40 Days for Life and March for Life initiatives could be organized.

Her story is a news-worthy endeavor in itself, but you won’t hear her story in the mainstream media! And you certainly won’t see mainstream media outlets lift a finger to help her cause.

Many of the life, family, faith and freedom heroes we report on come to us because they know we are the leading voice in the culture for getting the truth out to millions of people.

If you become a supporter of LifeSite, you can feel confident that your donation is going to support the Culture of Life in many diverse, effective ways!

Additionally, EVERY new person you help us reach through our reporting and advocacy efforts will become inspired to stand for life, family and truth and will also be uniquely equipped to engage in the culture war.

As the secular world and mainstream sources are persecuting those with pro-life, pro-family and authentic Christian beliefs, we need you to join us to oppose and enlighten those who are tearing away at the fabric of our Christian culture around the globe!

At this late hour, I would like to challenge you, if you have not already donated, to partner with us in support of life, faith, family, and freedom. We still have $150,000- or 31% – left to raise in order to reach our minimum and necessary goal to keep this special truth mission going and growing.

Can I count on you today? 

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Many readers, just like you, have chosen to support the LifeSite mission financially so they can have a consistently reliable, professional quality, news service alternative to what the dreadfully inadequate and hostile mainstream media provides.

But what many people may not realize is how LifeSite goes beyond just the news reporting and branches into impactful opportunities for our readers to make a difference in the world!

If you want to make a greater impact in the world, please consider a donation today.

A unique characteristic of LifeSite is that we do not rely on ourselves and our talents for success in this mission. We above all rely on the grace of God. That gives us the unworldly confidence that we can counter forces and movements with influence, power and financial resources vastly beyond our own.

Because of the mind-boggling developments that are inundating all of us these days LifeSite MUST grow its staff and resources to meet these enormous challenges.

We must help build a powerful grassroots resistance to those who would destroy all that is most precious to us in order to replace it with their demonic New World Order.

All of the above requires major additional costs associated with building the infrastructure to produce, publish, host, and disseminate our content without the threat of attacks and censorship.

Can you chip-in just $10 today? ANY AMOUNT is deeply appreciated.

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Above all, whether you are able to donate or not, please pray for the success of this campaign. That is a sincere request. For 25 years now, we have relied upon the prayers of our wonderful community of readers and supporters. We need those now, more than ever.

Never feel badly if you are not able to donate to LifeSite. If you have already donated, ignore all the pleas for donations that are intended only for those who have not yet donated but are still able to.

LifeSite is a FREE news service whose main purpose is to report truth – NOT to raise money.  

If you read our daily news reports and pass them on to others that delights us beyond measure. In the meantime, those who do have the resources to help cover the absolutely necessary costs to run this major, international news service play their special role as an essential part of the LifeSite team.

And those who pray for us are also an essential part of the team.