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(LifeSiteNews) – We are now in the critical final few days of our Spring fundraising campaign. In fact, with only 2 days left, we have 51% left to raise to meet our absolute minimum goal.

At this late hour, I urge you will say “yes” to supporting the LifeSite team’s efforts to ensure that more people like you continue to have access to truthful news.

When you donate to LifeSiteNews, you sustain an unapologetic news source that risks reporting what most news sources fear to report.

They fear this because anyone who accurately counters the manipulative narratives of today is harshly subjected to low blow accusations by the intolerant mob and demands to retract what a principled journalist knows he must never retract.

You may have noticed that too many have been succumbing to intimidations and foolishly apologize, throwing their reputations out the window, to allegedly protect their reputation, but are instead only left with shame for having been so weak.

It takes courage and conviction to hold fast and report truth in our current culture that ridiculously insists that every individual’s “truth” is the “truth. In other words, according to them, there is no truth.

That does add considerable challenges to news reporting that we gladly take on, but we persevere, and you benefit from that.

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Never has our mission been more critical than the moment in history that we are living in.

As the war in Ukraine has unfolded, confusion, anxiety and anger have arisen again, this time about what is really going on over there. We are seeing the same, if not worse divisions and intolerance for the other within families, groups and communities as we saw during COVID.

We want the truth just as much as you do.

This is exactly why we sent two of our reporters to the Ukraine/Poland border to get first-hand experiences for readers like you. For an entire week, our journalists reported on and captured videos of refugees flooding into Poland by the tens of thousands.

What they saw and experienced gave us a glimpse into at least part of the large humanitarian crisis that is happening right now. Families are being torn apart and innocent lives are being lost.

Poland has truly shown the world its greatness during this catastrophe, opening their homes and hearts to their neighbors in a nationwide response.

LifeSiteNews donors made all our reporting on the ground at the Ukraine/Poland border possible so that you could have the most accurate first-hand perspective of what the refugees have been enduring.

We must raise $329,000 by tomorrow to continue providing the same level of hard-hitting, investigative, and unique news coverage that cannot be found anywhere else.

Can I count on you to chip in a gift of $35, $50, $100, or even $250?

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LifeSite news reporting is unique in that it is intended to provide everyone in the world, of all faiths or no faith, a “big picture” perspective on all that is happening on the issues we cover.

On-site news reporting has always been especially productive, if it can be managed.

First-hand knowledge of a story is crucial in wartime, although our team has not been able to travel into the actual war zones. That takes resources and requires taking personal risks that we are not equipped for, but on-site reporting of the refugee situation is right up our alley.

When buzz words like ‘propaganda’, ‘fake news’, ‘misinformation’, and ‘disinformation’ are everywhere, we know just how important it is to try to get to the truth on what is happening so that you can be informed and armed.

This is why we must continue to have the capability to reach you and all of our subscribers with the news on our website and through email.

Yet, Big Tech has substantially ramped-up their efforts to silence us and many others over the last few years. That is yet another, very real international war that has been increasing.

The blacklisting, censorship, and de-platforming that we have faced has greatly affected our ability to get the truth out to our subscribers. It is currently the greatest challenge that we are facing.

There are powerful forces determined to completely control all information and news dissemination throughout the world. Sometimes, we realize how blessed we are to even still exist considering the constant attempts to shut us down.

Now they’re coming after our email distribution, the primary way of reaching you and all of our subscribers with breaking news.

But our technical and other teams are ferociously fighting back and performing miracles every day. It’s a hard slog, but we have an amazingly talented, dedicated team that we often thank God for sending to us.

Without your support, we face the possibility of being completely kicked off every Big Tech platform and silenced for good. This is why we cannot continue to provide you with the truth on breaking stories without all of our readers chipping in what they can.

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Never in our lifetime has there been as serious a need for totally independent, uncompromising, news on the related issues of life, family, culture, faith and freedom. Your generosity today will ensure that this mission continues to fill this need – for you!

PLEASE join us and invest in the high-caliber journalism you’ve come to rely upon.

May God bless you and all those close to you.