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Canadian Prime Minister Justin TrudeauAlex Wong / Getty Images

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Canadians rate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the worst Canadian prime minister of all time.  

According to a July 8 Polling Canada rating of Canadian prime ministers, 29% of Canadians believe Justin Trudeau “has been Canada’s worst prime minister.  

Seventeen percent of Canadians labelled Stephen Harper as the worst prime minister, while 6% gave this title to Pierre Trudeau, father of Justin Trudeau.  

On the other hand, another poll shows 19% of Canadians labelling Pierre Trudeau as the best Canadian prime minister. Harper’s rating was a net even, as 17% labelled him as worst while 17% labelled him as best.  

However, 29% of Canadians rated Trudeau as the worst, while only 12% labelled him as best, leaving the prime minister with a net negative rating of 17 points.  

The condemnation of Trudeau comes after Canadian airports and airlines were ranked as the most delayed in the world over the extended Canada Day weekend as thousands of travelers faced grueling delays at the nation’s top airports. 

These delays are mostly attributed to the ArriveCAN app put in place by the Trudeau government to serve as a vaccine passport.  

Air Canada recently cut thousands of flights over the summer months. Some of the delays no doubt are related to the fact that many in the aviation sector lost their jobs due to resisting COVID mandates. This has exacerbated staffing shortages at airports. 

Last fall, both WestJet and Air Canada mandated that all of their employees be vaccinated after the Trudeau government mandated that all federally regulated industries had to have jab mandates in place. This resulted in hundreds losing their jobs. 

In April, renowned cardiologist and COVID-19 treatment pioneer Dr. Peter McCullough warned that 30% of pilots may be unfit to fly due to COVID jab injuries as studies have found a number of pilots flying with vaccine injuries.  

Additionally, earlier this year, Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act against the peaceful Freedom Convoy protesting against vaccine mandates. In addition to freezing the bank accounts of those who donated to the convoy, an unmarked police force was brought in to drive Canadians out of Ottawa.  

Last week, leader of the convoy Tamara Lich was denied bail after she was arrested for the second time after she received an award for her role in the Freedom Convoy.