MANITOBA, September 4, 2013 ( – More than 300 Manitobans will speak at the Manitoba Legislature over the next two weeks on Bill 18, the highly controversial NDP legislation that would force all publicly funded schools to accommodate homosexual student clubs. 

The bill has been slammed by religious leaders, politicians, and private school principals who say it is a heavy-handed attack on educational and religious freedoms. 

Maria Slykerman, president of Campaign Life Coalition Manitoba told that the bill is “terrible” since it brings with it a “hidden homosexual agenda for children that normalizes risky sexual behavior”. 

While many Christian schools have spoken out against the bill, their arguments have largely fallen on deaf ears. Manitoba’s Minister of Education Nancy Allen has stated on numerous occasions that the bill will not be amended to accommodate faith-based groups. 

The hearings began Tuesday and are expected to continue for nearly two weeks. 

Bill 18 defines bullying as including behaviours that “should be known to cause…harm to another person’s…feelings.” 

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has ridiculed the bill stating: “The broad scope of this definition means that any student who hurts another student’s feelings, whether intentional or unintentional, could be subject to disciplinary measures. Enforcement of this policy appears to be unrealistic as it will place the burden on school administrators to investigate every instance of hurt feelings in schools.”

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