MUSKEGON, MI, January 7, 2013 ( – According to public safety officials the “filthy” conditions at a recently shuttered Muskegon abortion facility “constitute a fire hazard or are otherwise dangerous to human life or the public welfare.”

Dr. Robert Alexander’s Women’s Medical Center used “unsterilized medical equipment” in a building where buckets caught rain drizzling down through the broken roof, according to a December 27 letter from the city’s fire marshall, Major Metcalf.

Muskegon Public Safety Director Jeffrey Lewis told a local television station the building was “dirty or filthy.”


“There were sharps or syringes laying on a table next to possibly a procedural area,” Lewis said.

In the letter, only released after the business was closed, Metcalf says the facility also dumped “chemicals and other liquids” down drains without proper authorization and had hazardous material lying around.

The fire marshall’s eyewitness report largely corroborates charges made by Operation Rescue last September.

Operation Rescue contends that the clinic is also guilty of allowing unqualified personnel to provide services, violating the state’s mandatory 24-hour waiting period, and using a broken ultrasound machine. 

Dr. Alexander, who has a history of trouble with the law, has denied any wrongdoing, and has hinted that he believes pro-lifers may have been responsible for the break-in that led to the investigation by the Fire Marshall.

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“The last time I was there, when I left, everything was pristine,” Dr. Alexander stated.

Alexander has since been hired by Summit Medical Services, an abortion facility in Detroit.