By John-Henry Westen
OTTAWA, February 27, 2009 ( – Fasting, prayer and constant vigil before an abortion centre in the Canadian national capital is literally saving lives, and the vigil only launched two days ago. 

In Canada, Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) has undertaken the organization of 40 Days for Life vigils at various locations across the country. CLC’s Ottawa 40 Days campaign has seen, according to reports from ‘ground zero,’ possibly four lives saved since commencing Wednesday.

Vigil participant, Doris G., wrote on the 40 Days for Life blog that on Day 1, a couple went into the abortion facility. But before they did so Doris was able to give them a pamphlet and exchange a few words with them. The couple went up into the centre while looking through the literature, but then came out a half hour later, despite the fact that women who have an abortion are usually in the centre for several hours.

“We can’t be sure if the life of a child was saved, but I was greatly encouraged,” said Doris. Three other similar incidents occurred, that Doris says cannot be definitely confirmed, but which indicate turnarounds.

However, in today’s daily report from the 40 Days for Life headquarters, Shawn Carney,
Spring Campaign Director, reports a definite story of a life saved in New Jersey. According to vigil participants a woman exited an abortion facility in New Jersey and told the pro-lifers, “I didn’t do it! I changed my mind.”
Nicole Campbell of CLC told LSN that there are 130 cities in the current campaign all across North America, with another in Australia and two in Northern Ireland.  The 40 Days for Life movement has already saved at least 1200 children in total during the last three campaigns, Campbell said. “Thirteen abortion workers have quit their jobs in the US, a total of four abortion mills closed,” she added. 
Speaking to LSN from the Toronto location, outside an abortion centre at Dufferin and Lawrence, Campbell said, “I’ve really been overwhelmed.  The schedule shows 1 or 2 signed up but when I came down there were 15 people here. It’s amazing.”  Another ten people showed up for the vigil before the call ended.
Campbell noted that Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins would be saying a mid-point Mass for the 40 Days participants on March 15 at 3pm at St. Charles Borromeo Church.
The “ground zero” reports posted on the 40 Days for Life blog track happenings at the vigil site from day to day.  There, one may read reports of conversions, conversations, hardships and joys.  On the Ottawa blog, in addition to the four incidents where it is believed women changed their minds after being presented with pro-life pamphlets, pro-life activist and well known singer David MacDonald writes:
“I was walking with my ‘I regret lost fatherhood sign.’ An intelligent looking businessman in his 50’s approached me. He said ‘I am very moved by your sign. I got my girlfriend pregnant at 21 years old. I tried to convince her to get an abortion. Her doctor and the nurse at the clinic tried to convince her. Her friends and family tried to convince her. But she said to me ‘it’s ok, you can go, I’m going to have the baby’. We stayed together and my son is 28 years old today. He’s a great guy and I look at him and think about how wrong and selfish I was. I’m not religious but when I saw your sign it really hit home. I’m sorry you lost your child.”
MacDonald said he responded, “Thank you for sharing the story. Even though I lost mine, I still love to hear about the life choice made for other children who are saved from the horror of abortions.”
Read more on the 40 Days for Life Canada website: