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(LifeSiteNews) — This week, the sidewalk counseling apostolate 40 Days for Life announced its largest campaign ever, with the mission reaching 681 cities across the globe.

The 2023 fall campaign launched Wednesday, claiming the record of the “largest [40 Days for Life] EVER,” as celebrated by CEO and president Shawn Carney.

“Despite what the media and politicians say, the pro-life movement is growing by the day and is not going anywhere anytime soon,” Carney wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

“The demand for 40 Days for Life is currently at an all-time high, and while we face challenges in keeping up with this growth, we are genuinely grateful for it,” Carney added in a statement to LifeSiteNews. “Contrary to the myth perpetuated by certain politicians and the media that pro-life movements would fade away in a post-Roe America, the reality is quite the opposite.”

“40 Days for Life is thriving daily, with increased participation from cities and volunteers. We have much to be thankful for, and there is also much work ahead of us.”

In just two days, the apostolate is celebrating its growth and the victories early in the campaign. During the first day of the fall campaign, the organization announced that “there aren’t as many abortion facilities around as there were last year.”

The group noted that “we’ve confirmed that 25 different abortion centers have closed their doors for the last time” after the fall 2022 campaign. Killing centers have shut down in the United States, Guatemala, Colombia, Austria and Mexico. One of the closed facilities was “one of the busiest abortion facilities in New York City,” located in the Bronx.

Today, the group celebrated “the first saved baby report of the campaign,” which occurred as a result of the spring 2023 campaign. According to a blog post published earlier today, pro-lifers in Guayaquil, Ecuador learned from a priest that an abortion-minded woman changed her mind in the spring after walking past 40 Days for Life volunteers praying.

Baby Erik – now five months old – is “one of eight saved from abortion during LAST autumn’s 40 Days for Life campaign in the Portuguese capital.”

The record number of cities comes after the fall 2022 campaign saved 49 babies in just the first two weeks of prayerful witness.


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