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(LifeSiteNews) — The international pro-life prayer campaign 40 Days for Life recently celebrated the 250th individual to quit a job with the abortion industry due to the organization’s prayers and peaceful witness to the dignity of the unborn. 

“Abortion workers are awakening to the truth, thanks to our collective prayers!” the pro-life group celebrated on Twitter. “With over 250 courageous individuals quitting their jobs and counting, it’s evident our voices are making an impact. Let’s keep lifting them up in support of life!” 

On May 16, the organization announced its “big news” that “the 250th abortion worker has become pro-life and left her job in the abortion industry thanks to YOUR prayers.” The latest employee to leave the business of murdering the unborn came from Illinois, which 40 Days for Life described as “one of the most extreme pro-abortion states in America.”  

Illinois law permits abortion on demand until viability and up to birth under broad “health” exceptions. The state has also codified a “right” to abortion and removed bans on partial-birth and taxpayer-funded abortions. 

“She and the 69 babies saved from abortion in the Land of Lincoln during this spring’s 40 Days for Life campaign are living proof that prayer works—even in locations where abortion remains legal (and celebrated) in the post-Roe era,” the blog post reads.

40 Days for Life president and CEO Shawn Carney told LifeSiteNews in a statement that “this beautiful milestone is a rejection of the cynical attitude that Americans want abortion at all costs in a post-Roe America.” 

“For decades, the abortion industry has seen an exodus of workers and abortion doctors who have realized the barbaric reality of abortion and are now some of the most powerful voices for the unborn. While the left wants to ignore them, they will continue to share the truth about abortion to so many who are on the wrong side of history.” 

Since the historic overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022, 40 Days for Life has continued its prayerful mission outside abortion facilities across the world, saving hundreds of babies from murder in the womb.  

In September, LifeSiteNews reported that the organization’s first campaign since the Dobbs decision was launched in 622 cities, a record high in the nearly 20 years since the apostolate’s founding. Almost 50 babies were saved from abortion in just the first two weeks of the fall campaign. 

The spring campaign has continued to break records. Last month, 40 Days for Life celebrated that there had been 672 known cases of parents who chose life and babies saved from abortion during the first campaign of 2023. 


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