October 29, 2012 ( – David Bereit, 40 Days for Life’s national director, and I were supposed to be heading out together early this morning to visit 40 Days for Life campaigns in Georgia and Florida …

… but that was before Hurricane Sandy started bearing down on the East Coast and completely shut down our scheduled travel. So now, we’re going to be hunkered down with our families at home in Virginia to ride out the hurricane.

Please keep everyone in the path of the storm in your prayers today. If it’s heading your way, stay safe, and please check with your local 40 Days for Life coordinator, as some vigils may be suspended due to the weather.

Now, as we head into the final week of this campaign, we are overjoyed by all the blessings God has provided as you have faithfully responded to the call to pray and fast for an end to abortion.

So far, we’ve received reports of 469 babies whose lives have been spared from abortion — that we know of!


One of the prayer volunteers had an opportunity to speak to a young man outside the abortion center. They talked about many things — including Jesus.

When they finished talking, the young man went inside the building and found the young woman he had come with. The volunteer says this woman was filled with joy when she came out and said she had decided against the abortion.


A vigil participant spoke with two girls who had come to the abortion center. She described the services available from the local pregnancy help center, and talked about adoption resources as well. The young women left, but said they would return.

When they did, another volunteer gave them additional information … but she was concerned when the two went into the building. When they came out, though, they said they would both be keeping their babies.


A lone prayer volunteer watched as a mother and daughter left the abortion center, got into their car and drove towards the exit.

When they got to where the vigil participant was standing, they stopped. The daughter help up a sonogram and said, “His feet were moving!” Her mother said the girl was 12 weeks pregnant — and the sonogram had convinced her to reject abortion.


Vigil participants noticed a couple waiting in the parking lot early one morning before the abortion center opened. The woman said they had two young children, and a new baby would be difficult to take care of at this time.

One of the counselors told her that life is sacred — and there are many community resources available that will help. Although the father didn’t seem too happy about it, the mother changed her mind — and immediately left the abortion facility to visit the pro-life pregnancy help center.

Another young woman told volunteers that she had come for an abortion, but had decided against it. When they asked her why, she said she felt the presence of evil there and simply had to leave.


You know how we say, “469 saved — that we know of”? Here’s an example of a child whose life was spared — and the 40 Days for Life campaign team didn’t have any idea about it at the time.

Dan in Milwaukee said one day recently — while the abortion center was closed — God showed them a surprise. A child that was saved from abortion during the 40 Days for Life campaign in the spring of 2009 arrived at the vigil. “He’s three years old now,” Dan said. “Beautiful boy!”

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