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February 8, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), chair of the Senate Pro-Life Caucus, and 47 other senators sent a joint letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Friday, pledging to fight any attempts to undermine federal pro-life policy.

“We have a message for Democratic Leader Schumer: we will vote to block any radical, pro-abortion agenda,” Sen. Daines said. “I’m glad to have 47 of my pro-life Senate colleagues join me in this fight. We’re in the fight for life together.”

All Republican senators — with the exception of Sens. Lisa Murkowsi (R-AK) and Susan Collins (R-ME) — added their signatures to the letter, which follows a similar statement by 200 House Republicans last month. No Democrats joined either letter.

The senators’ statement was endorsed by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and several major pro-life groups, including the Susan B. Anthony List, the Family Research Council, and the Center for Family and Human Rights.

“We are united in our resolve to guard against any changes to Federal law that would unsettle nearly half a century of bipartisan consensus against taxpayer funding for abortion on demand, or otherwise threaten the lives of unborn children,” the letter reads.

“Accordingly, we are committed to vote against the advancement of any legislation that would eliminate or weaken the Hyde Amendment or any other current-law pro-life protections,” it continues.

The Hyde Amendment, a budget provision that bars federal funding for abortion, has been approved by Congress every year and endorsed by all past Democratic presidents, as well as current President Joe Biden during his time as a senator. On the 2020 campaign trail, however, Biden reversed himself, joining other top Democrats promising to repeal the statute.

The Biden administration already has moved to undo President Trump’s extensive pro-life legacy, restoring billions of dollars of taxpayer funding for foreign abortions blocked by Trump in 2019. Democrats in Congress have introduced other radical, pro-abortion proposals in recent months, including legislation to end the ban on pro-abortion foreign aid.

“Abortion is not health care,” Daine and his senate colleagues affirmed, condemning abortion as “a brutal procedure that destroys the life of an innocent unborn child.”

“The Hyde Amendment reflects a consensus that millions of pro-life Americans who are profoundly opposed to abortion should not be coerced into paying for it or incentivizing it with their taxpayer dollars,” the letter states, noting that the provision has saved an estimated 2.4 millions lives.

The senators also pledged to defend the ban on the destruction of embryos in federally-funded research, conscience protections for pro-life Americans, and several other key pro-life policies.

“We believe in the value of every child. Each precious child should be honored by our nation and protected by our laws,” they declared.