Peter Baklinski


5-Hour Energy fights breast cancer with charity that does not fund Planned Parenthood

Peter Baklinski

Co-authored by Ben Johnson.

FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan, November 16, 2012, ( – The energy supplement 5-Hour Energy is fighting breast cancer by donating to a charity that does not fund Planned Parenthood.

The company has launched a campaign to raise money for breast cancer research through the sales of a special Pink Lemonade product released last month.

Rather than the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, the organization has teamed up with the Avon Foundation for Women.

Pro-lifers will be glad to note that the Avon Foundation for Women does not support Planned Parenthood.

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“Our records indicate that in the last five years the Avon Foundation has received only one Planned Parenthood affiliate grant application from among more than an estimated 3,000 grant applications received during that time period, and it was not among our funded applicants,” the organization has stated.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation briefly pared back its grants to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, earlier this year, but renewed funding after a well-orchestrated media backlash.

Former Vice President Karen Handel reveals the inside story in her book, Planned Bullyhood.

Despite the end of the negative publicity campaign, Komen’s coffers have not recovered.