50-80 Million Deaths Blamed On Environmental Extremists’ DDT Ban

Some supporters of ban view mosquitoes and malaria as "a natural population control"
Tue Aug 16, 2005 - 12:15 pm EST

August 15, 2005 ( – Communism and fascism, as horrifically bloody as their legacy has been, have a lesser death count attributed to them than the misguided worldwide ban on DDT enforced by the World Health Organization, international aid organizations and others. So reports John Jalsevac in the Special Report, Green Hands Dipped In Blood: The DDT Genocide.

Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring, decrying the supposedly great harm caused by all pesticides to the natural environment and humans was released in 1962 and eventually led to the ban on DDT, still the most effective, cheapest, and arguably the cleanest way to stop the spread of deadly malaria. Jalsevac reveals what has now been proven to be junk science in Carson’s claims and the far less than altruistic motives of those who continue to enforce the unjustified ban on the use of life-saving DDT.

This report is a must read for students, environmental enthusiasts, social justice advocates and most of the rest of the world that has been falsely led to believe that the banning of DDT has been a good and necessary measure. On the contrary, as this special report reveals, it has been a disaster and we owe it to the people of impoverished, Third World nations to correct this injustice with haste.

Subsections in Green Hands Dipped In Blood: The DDT Genocide are titled:

1. The Worst Crime of the 20th Century
  2. The Tragic History Of DDT and Silent Spring
  3. Rachel Carson’s Allegations Disproved
  4. The DDT Ban Put In Perspective
  5. Why Does the DDT Ban Continue?
  6. DDT and Population Control

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