BERLIN, Oct. 25, 2013 ( – Around 5,000 pro-lifers gathered for the March for Life in Berlin, Germany before the Chancellor’s Office on September 21, 2013 – just one day before the national elections – in order to draw awareness to “the dignity of man and the right to life.” Though there are laws to prevent abortions, there have been over 1.5 million registered abortions in Germany since 2000, but many estimate the real number of abortions much higher than the official state figure.


The March was organized by “Bundesverband Lebensrecht,” an important alliance of 14 organizations that focus on different pro-life areas. At the end was released the Berlin Declaration on the Protection of the Unborn, which states in part:

  • Every person, whether born or unborn, has the right to life and respect for their dignity.
  • Every person is equally valuable, regardless of the stage of development.
  • The obligation to protect the state applies to each individual. Human dignity and the right to life is independent of any third-party decision.

The declaration demands, among other things, a prohibition on genetic testing for the purpose of aborting the disabled, the end of taxpayer funded abortions and the end of assisted suicide and euthanasia.

We know from the past that the enemies of life can become violent at pro-life rallies in Europe. Fortunately, pre-emptive action on the part of the local police prevented an occurrence of violence. Hats off to them!

Many mothers gave powerful testimonies at the March about how losing their children through abortion affected their lives afterwards. The listeners’ hearts were really moved by their real first-hand experiences of abortion.

Another testimony came from a young woman with Down syndrome who talked about the blessing of her life, emphasizing the privilege to be able to live life to the full. Sadly, people with Down syndrome are being specifically targeted for abortion through prenatal tests. We’re told that people with disabilities are somehow unworthy of life, and pressure is put on parents not to deal with the “burden” and struggle of raising a disabled child.

The Lord has given us all the right to live, and all unborn children no matter their condition deserve to be treated with dignity and protected from the evil of abortion. Please pray that the people of Germany will reject this modern eugenics, reject abortion and use their influence in Europe to promote the dignity of all human life.

Joannes Bucher is the regional director of Europe for Human Life International. He resides in Salzburg, Austria. This piece is reprinted with permission.