SAN FRANCISCO, January 28, 2015 ( — A balmy breeze greeted the 50,000 life defenders gathered in San Francisco for the 11th annual Walk for Life West Coast on Saturday.  Crowds began to form early in the morning, spreading over Civic Center Plaza and spilling into downtown San Francisco. The rally started at 12:30 with various speakers such as the Vatican ambassador to the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, as well as Rev. Clenard Childress and Julia Holcomb, who shared the story of her abortion.

Following the rally, a tidal wave of 50,000 people energetically made their way down Market Street towards Market Square, amid cheers, prayers, and music. The peaceful protesters completed the half-mile walk with little strife from the small group of opposition, aided by the San Francisco Police Force.

Joining the marchers as well as sharing her story at the Rally was young Rebekah Buell. After having her first child at age 17, Rebekah was working hard to finish college and be a mother. But when she became pregnant again a year later, she was faced with losing all she had worked for, as well as getting kicked out of her parents’ home. Feeling like she was forced to choose between the well being of her one-year-old son and her unborn child, Rebekah went in desperation to an abortion clinic to take the RU-486 abortion pill. She shared how she immediately regretted her decision and found a reversal option from Culture of Life Family Services located in San Diego. The reversal was successful, and Rebekah is the mother of another healthy little boy. She stressed that abortion is not the only option, and while it is early to assume the worst, it will all work out, and even become better than ever. Her message of hope carried across the plaza and emboldened the marchers as they made their way to Market square.

What was not said with words was communicated through signs, often homemade, with slogans such as, “I Am The Pro-Life Generation,” “Personhood for All,” and “1/3 Of Our Generation Has Been Killed by Abortion.” Yellow balloons simply reading “Life” filled the air, dotting the blue skies. The Walk for Life West Coast is significant in the fact that it brings both young and old of various races and cultures together in a peaceful rally in the defense of the unborn and helpless.