TV LAND, Mar 31 ( – Tonight CBS’ ‘60 Minutes II’ will air a 13-minute segment on Michael Bray, an anti-abortionist who refuses to condemn violence against abortionists. US pro-life groups have urged the station to report the story fairly allowing for commentary from mainstream pro-life leaders in the US who have all condemned the shootings.

Janet Parshall, National Advocate for the Family Research Council said yesterday “These actions do violence not only to their intended targets, but also to the pro-life cause. Such homicidal acts serve only to harden the hearts of those engaged in the cruel and unjust practice of abortion.” Parshall also noted that “The pro-life movement has been enriched and strengthened by the conversion of high profile practitioners and supporters of abortion like Dr. Bernard Nathanson, Carol Everett and Norma (‘Jane Roe’) McCorvey.

Canadian pro-lifers warn that it seems CBS has copied the tactic of Canada’s CBC which only a few months ago aired a documentary on anti-abortion violence that included extensive interviewing of Michael Bray. Viewers were left with strong visual images of abortionist shooting scenes and abortion opponents talking about guns and justifiable homicide.  The mainstream pro-life movement’s condemnation of violence was hardly presented since only one brief, skillfully edited interview of a pro-life leader was included. Pro-lifers have complained that the documentary’s producers were not as interested in preventing further violence as they were in using the extremists to create a bad taste for all abortion opponents.

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