63% of French favor gay ‘marriage’: poll

The Sarkozy administration has said that Sarkozy "has absolutely not changed his mind and does not favor the opening of marriage to homosexual couples."
By Matthew Hoffman

By Matthew Hoffman

January 17, 2012 ( - As France moves towards the next presidential election a little more than three months away, a new poll indicates that a strong majority of French citizens now support a key element in the anti-family agenda of the French left: the creation of homosexual “marriage.”

Although France was the first country in Europe to create civil union legislation for homosexuals, it has resisted pressure to open up the institution of marriage to same-sex couples, which would also allow them to adopt children.  In June of last year, the French National Assembly voted down a measure to do so.

However, a new poll conducted by the publication Le Parisian indicates that 63% of French citizens now favor the creation of homosexual “marriage,” a figure five percent higher than that from a poll in the first half of 2011.

The same poll indicates that only 51% of people who consider themselves “right-wing” continue to oppose such a measure.

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The growing favor for gay “marriage” has created new pressure on President Nicolas Sarkozy to change his position on the subject. Sarkozy proposed the creation of stronger civil union legislation for homosexuals in the past, but at that time his party opposed such a measure. The current civil unions, called Civil Solidarity Pacts, create very weak obligations between couples and are used mostly by heterosexuals. 

The French homosexual magazine “Liberation” recently ran a story citing a source close to Sarkozy claiming that the president is open to changing his position on homosexual “marriage,” in what appeared to be an attempt by the administration to test the public’s reaction.

The Sarkozy administration has responded that the story is false and that Sarkozy “has absolutely not changed his mind and does not favor the opening of marriage to homosexual couples.”

Parliamentarian members of Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement and New Center parties are responding to the new pressure by reaffirming their opposition to homosexual “marriage.” So far, 82 have done so.

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