70% of Italians Oppose Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Says Latest Poll

ROME, October 12, 2005 ( - A telephone poll which conducted 1,002 interviews with Italian adults from September 6-12 has found that 70% are against same-sex ‘marriage’. The poll by Ipso Ltd. found that 27% said they were in favour of same-sex ‘marriage’ while 3% responded “not sure”.

Homosexual activists in Italy often criticize the Catholic Church, with headquarters surrounded by the Italian capital, for interfering in the country’s politics. However, the Catholic Church’s stand on the matter goes far beyond merely opposing homosexual “marriage’. In 2003, the Vatican released the document “Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons.”

The document outlined that the Church’s position was to oppose any legal recognition of unions between homosexual persons. Therefore, beyond opposition to homosexual “marriage”, Catholics must oppose homosexual civil unions and registered partnerships as well. The document noted that Catholic politicians may never vote in favour of such proposals which attack the dignity of the family.

See the Vatican document:


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